Kelso Cartography | Portfolio | 2007 @ The Washington Post

Staff cartographer in NewsArt department. Largest body of Post work here.
Wilson Bridge Delays
Charles Town, WV
A Tainted Import
Capitol Pride Events
New Routes to National Harbor
Relocating Adult Clubs
Growing Pains at Suburban
Iraq Progress
foreclosure Notices increase
Synagogs in S. Maryland
douglas bridge detour
Spate of Shootings
Disappearing DC
whole Foods eats Wild Oats
Structurally Deficient Bridges
Developing the Potomac River
Developing the Potomac River
Darfur Refugees
Fundraising in Vacationland USA
Dublin, Ireland
Return to the District
kurdistan, iraq
state of the Drought
Kurdistan, Iraq
Super Maximum Prison
Adams Bridge, India
Language Hotspots

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